I watched Guzaarish and the only thing I knew was that Hrithik had worked very hard on his character. After watching his  performance, I went numb for a while. I didn’t know the character he played had so much of depth in it. And he portrayed his role with conviction . It was just the character on the screen I was glued to. With this film, I feel he has grown ten-fold as an actor. As for Aishwarya, she is remarkable. She handled her part fabulously and with such subtlety. Both, Hrithik and Aishwarya are sincere performers and that comes across on screen.

Sanjay Leela Bhansali has created the finest film ever. With a brush and paint in hand, he has created the most beautiful painting. It is his imagination and we have to accept that Guzaarish is an exceptional piece of art. Aishwarya is simply brilliant in the film. She stood out playing the most difficult part. Her ability to stand on her own, despite the fact that Hrithik’s character was more powerful, is commendable. Hrithik Roshan has proved once again that he is an actor par excellence. One he could have done this role. I want to say this with an exclamation – What an actor!


Published by: khatarkar

I M A MECHANICAL ENGINEER SERVING DEFENCE COMPANY " HINDUSTAN AERONAUTICS LIMITED,", BANGALORE. People know me : as a reserved and relaxed person with a selected few friends seeking a quite time, quite unapproachable, taking a detached approach, exercising restraint and having very good listening skills. In personal relations: I am tactful, sympathetic, gentle, merciful and concentrating more on the relationship than on the task. I avoid unpleasantness, accept illogic, have a strong personal involvement in problems, bend the rules and tuned into people and atmosphere. While at Work: I am deliberate, decisive, opinionated, organized, systematic, self regimented, punctual, geared to morality and live up to standards. While taking decisions: I am concerned with the future relying to a great extent on my sixth sense. I am mercurial and like variety, acquiring new skills, brainstorming and discovering problems. I am quite aware of my impact and influence. I am less concerned with moving an organization of institution toward a future vision than with learning the meanings of events. I am something of an Enigma, for although my differentiated feeling function is extroverted, I am reluctant to share my personal intuitions. I am interested in what other think and feels reveal very little about me. I am concerned with social welfare but I am not very communicative. My introverted intuitive deal with the external world with the logic and analysis of thinking. My dominant function, however, is introverted intuition; a peculiar combination of mystical dreamer and eccentric artist. Introverted intuitive must sometimes be brought back to reality and asked what my idea means. My perceptions tend to be single-minded, and my views unshakable. As Introverts, I can see vision clearly, but I am not aware of how other perceives them. The development of my introverted intuitive judgments function –either thinking or feeling is critical for balancing and systematizing my inner visions. The inferior function of my intuitive is sensing. I am not in close touch either with my own physical senses or with those of others. Therefore my facts are sometimes being questioned. When unchecked by my judgments function, I can deceive my self. In extreme intuitive, external fact present myself as an island of information unrelated to any structure or larger meaning. Selectively and subjectively processing information, my intuitive often make wildly incorrect assumptions.

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